The implementation of existing laws with greater sensitivity as well as emphasis on rescue, reintegration and rehabilitation of victims is necessary. The need of apex centre is being felt from long time for the sensitization of Police officers regarding the vulnerable group of society and to interface with other agencies. 

Therefore, Rajasthan Police Academy has started a separate centre called - CENTRE FOR SOCIAL DEFENCE & GENDER STUDIES. 

Social responsibility of the police officers has also been fixed in section 30 of Rajasthan police act 2007. These are :
  • To behave with the members of the public with due courtesy and decorum, particularly so in dealing with senior citizens, women children and members of weaker sections of society.
  • To guide and assist members of the public, particularly senior citizens, women, children and the physically or mentally challenged individuals, who are found in helpless condition on the streets or other public places.
  • To provide requisite assistance to victims of crime and of road accidents.
  • To prevent harassment of senior citizens, women and children in public places and public transport including stalking, making objectionable gestures, signs, remarks or harassment caused in any way.
  • To render lawful assistance to the members of the public, particularly women, children and members of the weaker section of the society.
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